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Well there’s not much to say about me I guess. Not much that’s important to you! is a personal project I’m doing because I have a slightly unhealthy love for the Mass Effect series. Not content to just collect the art, games, and all the other stuff that has been released for this series, I decided to make some fan art of my own. Combined with my hobby/dayjob of web design, I thought it’d be a good idea to use this domain (one of many I own and tend to do nothing useful with) as a place for it to live.

I might even expand what this little site does. Perhaps a little forum for Mass Effect fans, or for multiplayer strategy. Time will tell!

Tony V.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What inspired this art series?

Well, obviously the fact I very much enjoy the Mass Effect series! But specifically, a guy by the name of Adam Sidwell did an art piece of a Geth called “Think I’m Better Off” as part of his 52 Bad Dudes series. I fell in love with it, purchased it, and promptly wished there were more like it. Since Adam keeps busy with so much, I thought I’d just produce my own series in a very similar style to how he approached the Geth piece. It just happened it was a style I’m already familiar with, so it all came together rather naturally for me.

But make no mistake, if you like videogame based art, Adam is amazing, and you should check out his shop, The Skid.

Will you make one of _____?

The short answer: probably.

The long answer: see the chart on The Series page to see the already planned characters and the “order of importance” I’ve assigned to everyone. That said, it isn’t a list of every character that was ever mentioned in the games, let alone all the other Mass Effect media. As additional DLCs are released, as Bioware/EA works with other publishers for other media publications (additional novels, comics, etc) as announcements regarding future Mass Effect games come out, this list will change in many ways; mostly by expanding.

But I always value input from the people who like what I’m doing here. I’m hoping to expand the chart now on The Series page to something more of a vote system, and take advantage of WordPress commenting and alternatives to give you an easy way to both suggest new additions, and for you to show your support for or against the suggestions of others.

I really want a print of _____! Will you be selling prints?

This is now happening! I’ve setup a small store at, you can find your way there from the link in the navigation above. I recommend the “Medium” (17″ x 23″) size because the actual print size is 13″ x 19″, the size I designed these at.

What if copyright gets in the way, or EA declines the licensing opportunity?

At that point I’ll look in to simply making the print quality files available to everyone, free of charge, through this site here. If someone should happen to want a signature at that point, I may offer a means to send the print they create for themselves to me so I can sign it and send it back their way. Again, at this point, no decision for or against printing has been made.

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